Weight control

The use of aspartame as a substitute for sugar offers a way of helping people to reduce their calorie intake without loss of the sweet taste of the foods and drinks they enjoy. An extensive body of scientific research shows that aspartame helps people to control their weight. These are some of the key studies:

A. de la Hunty, S. Gibson, M. Ashwell
This meta-analysis shows that replacing even one serving of a sugar-sweetened soft drink with an aspartame-sweetened soft drink every day, can deliver significant weight loss over time.
F. Bellisle, A. Drewnowski
This review paper demonstrates that by providing a sweet taste without calories, low calorie sweeteners help to reduce energy intake.
G. L. Blackburn, B. S. Kanders, P. T. Lavin, S. D. Keller, and J. Wheatley
This study shows that aspartame facilitates weight loss and the maintenance of reduced body weight including in the long-term.
A. G. Renwick and S. M. Molinary
Low calorie sweeteners do not increase appetite, food intake, insulin release or blood glucose levels.

When all of the scientific evidence is considered, it is clear that aspartame is useful in reducing energy intake, by providing sweetness without calories. Therefore, food and drinks sweetened with aspartame are helpful for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight.